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Project Description
.NET Compact Framework 3.5 Control library  with OpenGL controls to build WP7 like apps on WM6.x devices.
The apps are completely stylable with style dictionaries to change the UI e.g. from WP7 to android or iOS or even any imaginable style.

Picker.png Controls3.png

Silvermoon is a framework to build OpenGL rendered and animated user interfaces for Windows Mobile 6.x devices with .NET CF 3.5.

Silvermoon requires hardware support for OpenGL and expects the libGLES_CM.dll to be available. However, in the source code is a software rendering replacement available, but this is really not recommended, unless you want to deal with 0.3fps instead of 25fps! The beta version works with a resolution of 192dpi, which is the standard for actual mobile phones. (192dpi are used with resolutions of 480x800, 480x640 or similar, while 96dpi is used for resolutions of 240x400).  However, it also works with 96dpi but it is not yet optimized and needs alternative images to fit for smaller resolutions.

Silvermoon was developed (and being in progress to be in development) on a Sony Ericsson X1 phone.




Silvermoon uses OpenGL as rendering engine, and thus enables rich animations and transitions.




Controls1.png Controls2.png Controls3.pngListbox.png 
Pivot.png Picker.pngPivot_Landscape.pngControls_Landscape.png

Video Presentation on You Tube:

Beta 3:

Beta 2 with Grid control to simplify complex grouped transitions:

Beta 1:


  • Button
  • ToggleButton
  • ToggleSwitch
  • Label
  • Textbox (single and multilined)
  • ListView
  • ListViewGroup
  • various Item controls
  • CheckBox
  • RadioButton
  • Panorama
  • Pivot (with two different modes Tab and Centered).
  • Picker (lets you pick an item out of a collection, e.g. calendar).
  • Window
  • Page (enhances Window to support navigation through pages and transitions between each page forward and back).
  • Dialog
  • PictureBox
  • Slider
  • Panel
  • ScrollPanel
  • ContextMenu (WP7 like menu with zoom back animation).
  • PopupMenu (context menu which pops up over or under the anchor control but does not disable the screen like ContextMenu)
  • Tooltips
  • Bubble Control (base control to build bubble like controls with a dynamic arrow that points to an anchor).
  • Grid
  • StackPanel (stacks controls vertically or horizontally)
  • ScrollStackPanel (stack controls vertically and offers a scrollbar on demand).
  • AnimationControl
  • TabControl


  • AccentShape
  • BubbleShape
  • GradientShape
  • GradientStopShape
  • ImageShape
  • PickerShape
  • RectangleShape
  • ShadowedBackgroundShape
  • StringShape (displays text in one or more lines, optionally word wrapped)
  • HighlightStringShape (enhances StringShape with the possibility to highlight individual characters).
  • ButtonShape
  • HighQualityButtonsShape
  • RectBorderShape
  • RectBorderFillShape
  • TextboxShape
  • ContextMenuShape
  • MetalicButtonShape
  • PlasticButtonShape
  • LenseShape
  • MultiShape
  • StackShape (Stacks other shapes horizontally or vertically)
  • CanvasShape (contains other shapes on specific coordinates).


  • VisualStateManager
  • Style
  • StyleDictonary
  • IntTransition, FloatTransition, SizeTransition, PointTransition, RectangleTransition, ColorTransition, ...
  • AnimationEase: BackEase, CircleEase, LinearEase, PowerEase, SineEase, ExponentialEase, ElasticeEase, TriggerEase
  • PropertyAccessor (enables animation and later binding of properties)
  • SparseEvents (reduces memory consumption)
  • PageNavigator (controls navigation through pages)



The demos are yet not feature complete.

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