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50835 - is not possible to compile...

Aug 30, 2010 at 11:48 AM

Hello TOM

is not possible to compile this version we got 3 error on OPENGL projects

Errore 1 'Silvermoon.OpenGL.HighlightTextSprite.OnTextChanged()': is not possible to override C:\Documents and Settings\SGrillo\Desktop\silvermoon-50835\Silvermoon\OpenGL\HighlightTextSprite.cs 35 33 OpenGL

Errore 2 'Silvermoon.OpenGL.HighlightTextSprite.LayoutCharacters()': is not possible to override C:\Documents and Settings\SGrillo\Desktop\silvermoon-50835\Silvermoon\OpenGL\HighlightTextSprite.cs 45 33 OpenGL

Errore 3 'Silvermoon.OpenGL.HighlightTextSprite.PreRender(int, int)': is not possible to override  C:\Documents and Settings\SGrillo\Desktop\silvermoon-50835\Silvermoon\OpenGL\HighlightTextSprite.cs 112 33 OpenGL